About Gina Perry

Gina PerryGina Perry is an Australian writer and psychologist. Her feature articles, columns, and essays have been published in newspapers and magazines including The AgeThe Australian, Cosmos and New Scientist. Her co-production of the ABC Radio National documentary about the Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiments, ‘Beyond the Shock Machine’, won the Silver World Medal for a history documentary in the 2009 New York Festivals radio awards. She was runner up for the Bragg UNSW Prize for Science Writing in 2013 and her work has been anthologised in Best Australian Science Writing (2013 and 2015). Gina’s workspace is courtesy of  Creative Spaces and the City of Melbourne. Gina has a PhD from the University of Melbourne and is an Associate in the School of Culture and Communication. Her new book ‘The Lost Boys’ will be published in 2018.


  • Behind the Shock Machine

    April 2012

    The true story of the most controversial psychological research of the modern era.

  • Write to Publish

    October 1999

    Writing feature articles for magazines, newspapers, and corporate and community publications.