Behind the Shock Machine

‘It’s rare that an original event as compelling as the Milgram experiments can be eclipsed by later commentary, but that’s exactly what Perry manages in her painstaking and engrossing exploration..’

Brian Bethune, Maclean’s magazine

‘Riveting…Perry’s research should change the way we view Milgram’s work.’

Johannes Lichtman, LA Review of Books

‘A gripping read.’

Bryan Appleyard, The Sunday Times

‘..her elegant and well-written account teaches us that scientists are both investigators and storytellers.’

Ruud Abma, Science

‘It’s about time someone wrote this book.’

Kirkus Review

‘Perry looks unflinchingly into this dark episode of psychology.’

James Hannaham, Village Voice

‘We have heard Milgram’s version enough. What we need now is what Perry has to offer: a proper dehoaxing.’

Peter C. Baker, Pacific Standard

‘..rewarding and entertaining.’

Publishers’ Weekly

‘…we gain more insight than ever before into Milgram’s questionable practices and the scientific culture that allowed his experiment to take place.’

Arielle Duhaime-Ross, Scientific American

‘Remarkable … Books such as Perry’s provide the tools to question such authority. Reading Behind the Shock Machine becomes an act of creative disobedience.’

Matthew Lamb, The Australian

‘Here, finally, is a book that illuminates Milgram and his research subjects in riveting, compassionate detail. Read Behind the Shock Machine for its insightful look at human nature … An absolutely compelling and terrific story.’

Deborah Blum, Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer, author of LOVE AT GOON PARK: HARRY HARLOW AND THE SCIENCE OF AFFECTION

‘[a] provocative magnum opus … written with a literary flair so engaging and absorbing that I found it hard to put down.’

Thomas Blass, author of THE MAN WHO SHOCKED THE WORLD

‘A remarkable example of how good creative non-fiction is researched and written … a compelling true story that fascinates and informs at the same time.’

Lee Gutkind, founding editor of Creative Nonfiction and prize-winning author

‘A parable, and a warning, about what happens when research scientists trample over their human subjects on the road to personal posterity. Gina Perry has written a necessary and gripping book.’

Maria Tumarkin, author of OTHERLAND.

‘An absorbing account of Stanley Milgram, his subjects and the continuing quest to understand what it means to be human.’

David Baker, Director of the Archives of the History of American Psychology

‘Meticulously researched’


‘an intriguing..tale about science, ethics and storytelling.’

Fiona Capp, The Saturday Age

‘Examining the study from different perspectives, Perry does justice to the nuances and questions that still surround it. It’s fine, thought-provoking science writing.’

Rick Sullivan, Adelaide Advertiser

‘Wonderful … will finally shake the complacency that has surrounded discussions of this study for so long.’